Overpromise and Overdeliver in a Nutshell

Overpromise, Inc. has developed a comprehensive and finely-tuned roadmap - to move your company from initial research and the articulation of your brand promise (The “Overpromise”) - through the rapid execution of branded customer experiences built around your most critical TouchPoints (The “Overdeliver”).

OUR OVERPROMISE: We can help you build a breakthrough brand in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the investment of traditional marketing methods. And, our training results are guaranteed!

What makes Overpromise Inc. so unique?

  • Do-It-With-You Philosophy (rather than a do-it-for-you philosophy) - We teach you what we’re doing at every step, so your team can effectively and successfully use our methodologies after we’re gone.
  • World-Class Brand Focused Research, Analysis and Strategy Development - Because the views of your customers and potential customers ultimately define your brand, we ensure that the right kind of research is done to take full advantage of the brand you’ve already built. Then we unleash the explosive power of your brand, by aligning your brand messaging with your core strengths -- and with your best future opportunities for growth and profitability.
  • Discovery Maps engage every member of your organization in the chosen strategy - and engage them in its execution. Every employee at every level in each of your organizations will know what their role is, and exactly how it must be played.
  • Communication Coach Simulation Learning, our proprietary software for teaching both the WHAT and the HOW. We can transfer knowledge rapidly, predictably and consistently to every customer TouchPoint. In addition, we drive consistent attitudes and beliefs throughout the culture.
  • Pragmatic, Holistic Training that looks at learning in a practical, financially sound, and comprehensive way - rather than teaching conceptual skills in a vacuum. We don’t just create “training activities,” we delivery DOCUMENTED MASTERY OF ALL CRITICAL SKILLS. (You can view exactly what your people know, what they don’t know, what they’re struggling with – and what they’ve mastered!)
  • Deep Expertise in TouchPoint Branding – we’ve brought together the best minds in 9 key areas to ensure deep expertise in every step of the TouchPoint Branding process.
  • Led by Rick Barrera, Frequent Communicator for the Fortune 500 Company founder and bestselling author Rick Barrera is the consultant and researcher who discovered and developed the Overpromise and Overdeliver methodology. He combines the skills of a professional speaker, with his deep expertise in shaping corporate communications at every level. Rick is uniquely able to deliver critical messages in a compelling and engaging way. more about Rick Barrera